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You tell the driver where to go. The cab driver runs the taximeter before moving. And when you reach the destination, you pay the total amount shown by the taximeter. Payment will probably be cash, credit cards are not accepted at most of the taxis in Turkey there are exceptions in Turkey, especially D segment turquoise taxis in Istanbul accepts credit and debit cards. Unfortunately, as in many parts of the world, taxi scam is a big problem in Turkey. Although there are very good taxi drivers, you may come across a bad driver throughout the day.

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Using a taxi company that your hotel agrees with instead of on-road taxis can be a good way to avoid scam. If he doesn't run the taximeter at the time of first move, you will probably be charged a higher amount than you should give when the route is over.

Since taximeters are calibrated periodically, your risk of being swindled is much lower when the taximeter is run. The amount on taximeter will probably be much cheaper. Double check the taxi driver's route with navigation, warn him in an irrelevant situation. Unfortunately, many taxi drivers in Turkey may want to take you over meaningless routes to earn more money.

If you don't follow up the route and he finds out that you don't know the city, he can ride you through the city just to reach a few miles. Before giving him the money, clearly count the money and say how much money you are giving. Insist on change. If he says he has no change he probably will , ask him to get it from a nearby shop.

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Companies like Uber, who emerged as a solution to taxi scam problem, have not yet been able to deal with enough legal procedures Uber still serves in Istanbul, check the article for 'Is Uber available in Turkey? Although licensed taxis are not very safe, it is much riskier to use an unlicensed one. When you get into a licensed taxi, there is a real driver in front of you in case of a legal issue.

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Unlicensed taxis are not legal in Turkey. If the police stop the unlicensed taxi when you are in, you will get a penalty for using it. So how can you know if a taxi is licensed or not?

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Taxis in Turkey are usually yellow in color. But there are a few exceptions to this generalization. Recently, turquoise and black taxis serving high-end services in Istanbul have started to work. So, the color only is not an exact proof. On the other hand, there is a common point for all taxis in Turkey; the plate format. His girlfriend Lilly Marion Cotillard is supportive of his job change, although she is unhappy that he now spends less and less time with her.

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Commissioner Gibert Bernard Farcy briefs the team on a new case. A German gang of robbers who successfully committed a series of high profile robberies in Belgium , Netherlands and Germany is now in France. The gang is known for their highly methodical and effective strategy, skilled driving and their usage of red Mercedes-Benz E cars as escape vehicles. Anticipating the robbers' move, Gibert places police officers and militia in civilian cars outside the targeted bank.

Due to the confusion, another convoy of cars the French Minister's escort start firing at the officers, and the robbers escape. Not knowing his fare's occupation, Daniel reveals his racing modifications and breaks traffic laws several times. Looking at photos of the getaway cars, Daniel concludes that the tires come from a garage owned by Kruger Gregory Knop. The police correctly speculate the next target for the robbers and manage to shoot a tracking device onto one of the cars.

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However, the gang stops at a secluded garage and repaints the cars silver, destroying the tracking device in the process. Although Gibert sets up a cordon around the garage, the police are unable to find any car with the stolen money, and the gang gets away once more. Realizing the robbers must have re-painted the car, Daniel contacts one of his friends about the paint and tracks down the robbers to a race track, where they hide the robbed money.

The pair go to the track, where Daniel provokes the gang into a race and wins a bet. Upon returning home, they find that Camille and Lilly have become fast friends, and are smoking pot and recounting past stories. The two men also share their past, form a bond of friendship and devise a plan to catch the gang. Daniel gathers his old co workers at Pizza Joe, and Emilien distributes the keys and walkie talkies to them. After the robbers collect the money, Daniel follows them and offers a new bet.

Against their better judgement, the drivers agree. As the delivery men use the traffic lights to clear the path for the cars, they drive onto the freeway. Daniel then speeds towards a bridge which is under construction, and slams on the brake.

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The robbers' cars jumps over the gap and lands on the other side, only for them to discover that it is an incomplete bridge segment. They are then arrested with the money in the trunks. The movie ends as the race begins. The Bollywood film Dhoom also draws heavily on the plot of Taxi.