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In reference to 6……In my beloved mother passed away and 2 weeks later I had a dream with her that she was an Angel. I was surprised and I said in the dream. Mom you are an Angel and with feathers too! Well, ever since that dream I receive feathers no matter where I am. One day at work we were having a meeting and this feather came out of no where flying across the room landing on me.

I find feathers any where and I always know that my Angel is around. Wanted to meet you.

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Been wanting to talk with someone one on one who has died and come back. Sincerely, Hugh.

  • 2. Your loved ones are NOT in pain!
  • 1. Your loved ones are alive and well in the afterlife!
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They removed a friend from life support today. Oddly, im not sad. More ready for him to be free from the earthly burdens. Thank you for the reminders. Blair- I have been a believer for a while now. Thank you so much! I have purchase the Afterlife. It has help me but I still feel lost. I wish he never left but now he is in peace and can breath better. I know he is happier. Are you ever in The Geneva, NY area.

6 True Facts About Life After Death

I would love to meet you. Thanks Donna. Blair Robertson… I love this so much I needed this.

  • 1. Your loved ones are alive and well in the afterlife.
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There are time I want to talk to you, closure. Thank you, you are truly bless. I lost my best and lifelong friend in to cancer. I was fortunate enough to be able to stay and take care of her with the help of our other best friend. We grew up together and had a lifelong friendship.

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I started bawling knowing it had to be her. There were no feathers anywhere around outside. The same day I turn on the radio and one of her favorite artist, Catie Curtis is playing on the radio. It was a great day knowing she was there.

Is There Life After Death (#Mind Blowing Documentary)

My other friend also experienced her. My friend who passed, her last name was Cooley. So my other friend pulled into a parking lot and the vehicle she pulled next to had a sign on the car saying Cooley Construction. We were both blessed to receive these messages. Blair I want to thank you just told my Carer my husband had just told me to buy a ring from him….. His anniversary was Friday I truly believe it was his push that l thInk made me makethe purchase.

I have hard several direct thoughts from him Pwherevto find a watch in my underwear drawer. To give our grandson his cherished Winnie The Poo book. I am very impressed by your 7 afterlife facts. I lost my husband of 58 years , 4 years ago, and I keep asking myself why I never get any signs from him, whereas my daughters get signs all the time. It was 7 a. She is totally convinced that it was her first of many signs from him.

This gives me immense pleasure to know the facts. I am grieving the tragic death of my son. I am talking to him but not believing he could hear me. Now after this I am happy he hears me. God bless. This is the first time i heard about you. We have a medium here in baltimore named Kelly i went to her twice and both times my dad came through. I always believed in the afterlife, but since right before my dad passed he went to Israel , he was jewish. When he returned he began talking in tongues and was truly blessed when he stood with his hands on the wailing wall.

When my dad had a stroke he also had lung cancer but it was the stroke that took him. During his illness after the stroke he told me he was on Jacobs ladder and Jehovah had his hand…he took me up that ladder with him and describe everything to me. He was paralyzed and couldnt get up his eyes were closed but he needed to go to the bathroom so the hospice friend put him on the potty chair and all of a sudden he rose up with his arms and hands up to the sky with eyes opened and then fell back on the potty.

Our friend say we need to get him back in bed and tell him our final goodbyes. Well as far as im concerned he was healed and saw the face of God when this happened. Within 10 mins he passed. I am able to hear spirits, I have had them talk through me, I get dreams that are like a movie that I am floating above them and following them through the movie. I get premanitions of things to come. I just know things and I get feelings of bad or good when I go to some place and it is in my stomach. I get a knowledge of what has happened in the area that I happen to be in or am passing in the car.

I feel others pain, anger, happiness, etc. I can hear spirits and my husband and I can communicate with out talking.

And once and only once I heard my sister-in-laws thoughts. I finally received your book Afterlife. Although I really enjoyed it, it failed to answer my one bothersome question. I had a miscarriage at 5 weeks. I know my child is in Heaven, but will I get to hold her as a baby when I return home?

Is There Life After Death? The World’s Top Scientific and Spiritual Experts Share Their Insights

My grandmother was a spiritualist, and I learned a great deal from her. Your videos only confirm what she taught me. Hi Blair my name is cheryl. There are times when i really miss my dad and step-dad. Some days are worse than others. My 23 year old son died 8 months ago and I am still heartbroken. However, I do believe in the universe and afterlife, and I am determined to keep up the communications with him.

A consistent pattern that started after the first month and random signs.