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In spite of war during the last years of the Napoleonic regime, Julie still pursued her work of education by opening schools in Andenne, Gembloux and Fleurus. How was Julie, a girl so active during her youth and who did not spare any effort to help her parents, able to find strength during her long years of illness? It is the quality of attack, of strength, vigor and energy. Positively, it brings confidence, with power, success and limitless desire; negatively, it gives rise to the refusal to give in, to endurance and perseverance, and to patience. Come on now, courage!

Les circonstances de sa paralysie.

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Sa joie et sa confiance en Dieu ne faiblirent jamais. Elle souhaitait entrer au Carmel.

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La rencontre. Les deux amies accueillent des petites orphelines dans une maison modeste, rue Neuve. Les deux fondatrices refusent ces propositions. One of the gifts that the Congregation considers as its most precious is the fact that it is born of a deep friendship between two women. This is one of those friendships that can figure among the greatest in religious life. We are going to speak especially of that which united her to Julie. They both had a rich interior life. When her parents married in , her father, Pierre-Louis Blin de Bourdon, was 42 years of age and her mother, Marie-Louise-Claudine de Fouquesolles, was She was an obstinate and strong-willed child.

It was there that she was confirmed when she was eight years of age. In , she was sent for two or three years to the Ursulines in Amiens to complete her education.

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At 19, in order to prepare for her introduction into French society, she frequents the salons of Paris and is presented to the Court at Versailles. This is a sacrifice for her since she got along well with her brother who was a true friend and confidant. He establishs himself in Amiens where he buys a town home on the rue des Augustins.

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Her mother was 53 when she died, 10 months after a carriage accident. She must assist her grandmother and assume her duties as chatelain of the vast domain. She gives herself to her grandmother and the villagers and she distributes alms to the poor. There she manages the vast domain and its dependencies. In her writings are found notes that show a deep commitment to God. In , the Revolution breaks out. Because of overcrowding in the prisons, prisoners were given the option of begin transferred to the Carmelite monastery where the Carmelites were being held captive.

It is there that she will meet Julie. The Meeting. Finally, in spite of a natural repugnance which she had at first experienced, a friendship grew between them, as events will show. She had already seen her in a vision see the theme for the month of May and recognizes her. She makes the decision to perform an act of charity, a work of compassion. According to Saint Francis de Sales, the love of friendship is not merely a feeling but a resolute effort following a decision…. What begins with an act of compassion is transformed into one of the most beautiful examples of spiritual friendship between two women.

One of the foundations of friendship is that it should grow in time.

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Very quickly, then, the bonds of affection grew between the two women. Visits become more and more frequent. Both had an affinity for things spiritual. The first state is situated between There is a mutual benevolence which expresses itself by the fact that each desires growth in the love of God for the other.

Saint Augustin writes that he would feel the need to approach, to know and to bind himself in friendship to a person whose love for Christ had been proven in some trial or persecution. Father Thomas, in hiding at the Hotel Blin, guides the group and celebrates the Eucharist. But this association had only an ephemeral existence. They expressed their friendship. Father Thomas, pursued into the Hotel Blin, escapes his aggressors on June 15, Together, they evangelize the village. In every friendship, there is a second and a third phase:. The two friends receive some orphan girls in a modest house on the rue Neuve.

The opening of free schools is authorized. A conflict breaks out in Amiens with the superior of the Congregation, Father de Sambucy. He demands that Sister Saint Joseph bequeath the totality of her fortune to the house in Amiens exclusively. The two foundresses refuse these propositions. Father de Sambucy skillfully influences the Bishop of Amiens, Monsignor Demandolx, and succeeds in obliging Julie to leave the diocese of Amiens on January 12, The Bishop of Namur welcomes them with great kindness and offers them a house near the bishopric.

Sister Saint Joseph is named superior of the community. Namur become the Motherhouse of the Sisters of Notre Dame. Many schools are established. Her great concern will be to preserve the unity of the Congregation under the Dutch regime between By forbidding all foreign teaching authority, William I, is the source of many worries for Mother Saint Joseph. Finally, in December of , she receives the document of naturalization and becomes a citizen of the Netherlands. In , in spite of the opposition of some sisters, she keeps intact the spirit of the Institute.

This is what is called the great trial; a sad trial that came from her own daughters who threatened the existence of the Institute. One sister plotted the Reform of the Congregation of the Sisters of Notre Dame 18 sisters were in on the secret, one of whom was the Mistress of Novices.


National fraternization between Christians and Muslims in Lebanon is not merely a commitment dictated by the essentials of coexistence or a necessity for avoiding sectarian strife, but also a destiny, a choice, and a noble human task which makes Lebanon have a world mission.

For this purpose, we have to work to unify national oratory so that it transcends sectarian selfishness, rising to openness and the interest of one country, for all denominations and all Lebanese. This requires the establishment of a just and conscious national state, which will open up horizons for emerging national forces to participate in creating a better tomorrow, reassure citizens and encourage them to shift from the shadow of the sect to the protection of the state which is responsible for their security and stability, and for providing them with the essential elements of a life of freedom and dignity.

These include the necessary guarantees of work, education, medical treatment and other social guarantees.

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The return of all displaced persons to their villages and houses, and a halt to the exploitation of their agonies and sufferings, are considered an essential basis for strengthening the credibility of the state as the protector of all citizens. To achieve this, the Islamic-Christian National Dialogue Committee call for the adoption of the two following measures :.

Transculturalité, religion, traditions autour de la mort en réanimation

One : To conduct a comprehensive national review in the light of the data that have been collected during the five years which followed the approval of the Document of National Entente, and to carry out honest self-criticism with all factions and official and local quarters regarding the reconstruction of the country and its people, and the rebuilding of the state on balanced foundations.

The broadest possible dialogue should be launched between all Lebanese, with the actual situation as a starting-point, but without being prisoners of it. This would be in order to strengthen the course of national reconciliation and carry out the Document of Entente and the Constitution in letter and spirit, in a way that will remove reasons for complaint for any feeling of grievance from all parties, and will strengthen the foundations and basis of national entente. Two : To call for this Committee, which represents the Christian and Islamic spiritual authorities, to be transformed into a national institution whose aim would be to pre-empty any imbalance which might endanger the coexistence of Christians and Muslims in Lebanon, to propose solutions and treatments to prevent events abroad which have sectarian or confessional dimensions from being reflected on the unity of the Lebanese, to emphasize a civic spirit, work to bury sectarian fanaticism, endeavour to rewrite the history of unified Lebanon in a way that accords with these trends, and create a permanent dialogue between the state and the people, and between Lebanese themselves Christians and Muslims of different denominations by organizing seminars and holding joint conferences, as well as through the information media.

This is so that Lebanon may occupy its forward position in the dialogue that is going on between the two shores of the Mediterranean, between the Islamic and Western worlds, and between North and South. The world of tomorrow is being built on the dialogue of civilizations. The dialogue of civilizations is based essentially on the dialogue between the divinely revealed monotheistic religions.

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This is what Lebanon embodies through the coexistence between all its people. Et afin d'affirmer ces principes et les mettre en application en tant qu'esprit moteur de l'action nationale de l'Etat libanais dans toutes ses institutions,. The unique experiment which Lebanon has experienced through the interaction of numerous religions and cultures made him the bearer of and international mission to be emulated and which ought to be diffused in a turbulent world going through and eddy of diverse struggles. Muslim - Christian coexistence is Lebanon's greatest value and the cornerstone of national unity that we ought to take special care to develop and protect from all dangers which might threaten it.

The attitudes of the leaders of Lebanese religious denominations have been characterized by a constant desire to strengthen the bond among the country's citizens. These leaders were and still are the safety value in every stormy crisis. Consequently, they appointed a number of personalities concerned with public affairs to represent them on this committee. The committee's task is to endeavor to establish mutual coexistence and lay the rules for a dialogue that would preserve Lebanon's unity and enhance his mission to the world.

At the outset, we ought to point out that the Committee is founded on the voluntary contributions of its members in the absence of an external source of funding. Since its establishment, the Committee has been active in its mission and it has continually performed several activities such as organizing seminars, participating in study circles and working in different Lebanese regions. Moreover , its members have participated and are still participating in conferences and international gatherings in several countries.

Furthermore, the Committee published in early a national political manifesto that was approved by all the leaders of Lebanon's religions denominations. The document consisted of a vision of Lebanon's role now and in the future. The manifesto was well received judging by the positive reactions of the various national forces and by the diverse political leader ships and effective centers of power, official and partisan. In the unified working paper which it had approved, the Committee set a number of goals and proposed the means and mechanism which would enable it to realize these goals.

It suggested a work program to be implemented by an agency which would anticipate and deal with any malfunctions which might befall the common Christian - Muslim living in Lebanon.