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The illustrations are bold and bright and cheerful but no too busy. The Smalls really loved all the fish that were caught and describing what they looked like as we turned each page — from the fish with terrible teeth to the fish with eyes on stalks!

40 Children's Books about Ocean Animals - Buggy and Buddy

They giggled at the pictures and the simple, lilting, repeating narrative kept their attention throughout. It was quite a calming story as well as an interesting and fun one — it helped to settle them before bed, particularly Arthur. I could see this being a great book for younger children too, books Only 11 left in stock more on the way. My daughter loves this story and I sing it as a lullaby rather then read it spoken. She was gutted when we lost the original copy when moving house. She was over the moon with this new copy.

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Dolphin Adventure: A True Story. My daughter age 9 loved this book. Dolphin: Story of a Dreamer. Very sweet children movie. I read Penny's first book about sea creatures with my Nephew a few weeks ago so he was looking forward to reading the next story. This lovely little story and picture book follows Stella through several stories as she meets new friends. Each story is relatively short to be perfect for bedtime reading yet all link together to tell a nice continuous story.

I joined Penny's bookclub so was able to get this book on special offer in exchange for an honest review. Available for download now. The children love me reading the stories to them. My grandchildren loved this book, loved the mermaids. The sea creatures were very colourful and life-like. Perfect bed time story. I so need to learn how to make these book lists.

I have tons! Thanks for sharing I love to add. Oh, how could I forget Mr.

Dinosaur Extinction Explained for Kids!

Love it! Thank you so much for adding to the list! A baby whale makes his first migration. Beautiful illustrations! And be sure not to miss our rocky shore small world and ocean themed book set- more fun ways to learn about ocean life! Thank you so much […]. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Pin Kids Fight Plastic.

10 books about the ocean (for kids)

An illustrated non-fiction book that encourages young readers to become a 2minutesuperhero in the fight against plastic pollution. It also explains how plastics can be good or bad, not oversimplifying the issue or suggesting a complete boycott of anything plastic. Highly recommended. Various creatures swallow Stanley as he tenaciously continues on his journey until he is found by a human, on the shore, who chooses to put Stanley to much better use.

Buy Online Let's Investigate: Plastic Pollution Ruth Owen The book is an appealing non-fiction book that encourages children to develop an interest in helping to stop plastics being used and damaging our oceans and wildlife.

Criteria for selecting nonfiction picture books

There are also additional downloadable resources available here. Also featured on: Reading for Pleasure Blog Buy Online Flotsam David Wiesner This award-winning wordless picture book offers endless opportunities for discussion and creative writing.

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When the film is developed it reveals a fantastic new world of creatures from the ocean. This is an enjoyable and accessible story for children who will love to read it over and over again, spurring them on to look at how we could be more effective with protecting our planet at home. Buy Online One Plastic Bag Miranda Paul A picture book telling the true story of how one woman in Africa began a movement to recycle the plastic bags that were polluting her community. In Isatou Ceesay's village was becoming cluttered up with discarded plastic bags, causing problems for animals who choke on them and attracting disease-bearing insects.

While attempting to get home via a series of mishaps, she comes across an island that blocks her path.

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The island is entirely made of plastic rubbish in the ocean. The story makes it clear that the plastic is putting wildlife in danger and that it must be cleared up. This is a funny and accessible first chapter book addressing an important issue, with a super-readable and child-friendly format that makes it perfect for newly independent readers. The author makes suggestions such as giving up using glitter, saying no to straws or having a clothes swap party. It covers ditching plastic, reducing waste more generally and being more conscious of personal impact on the environment.

It is up to Finn to find a way to save the sea creatures and prevent their natural environment from becoming ruined. With detailed illustration and an important message, this is a great picture book for primary classes to spark discussions about ocean pollution. A highly recommendable non-fiction book that will challenge KS2 pupils to make small lifestyle changes that collectively can make a big impact on our planet. Also featured on: Recommended Reads for Year 5. The book will arm KS2 pupils with hard-hitting facts about plastic pollution, which are accompanied by photographs showing the devastating impact of the plastic problem on our natural world.

Perfectly pitched for KS2, this books carries the message that '2 minutes is all the time it takes to be a superhero', suggesting quick and simple steps that children can take to reduce plastic pollution through a series of appealing superhero missions. Plastic Pollution. See also: Environmental Sustainability. See also: Under the Sea. Buy Online. Buy Plastic Pollution booklist online. More ideas