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Charles and Anne share a suite in the palace, in an odd cross between having a flat in the city and living with your parents.

The gulf between the world within and the world without is astonishing—and apparently, it only keeps widening. The season makes for a less sexy, more studied viewing experience.

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A little alarmingly, the season uses a devastating mining disaster in Wales to construct an episode that hinges on whether or not the queen cries. Director and executive producer Benjamin Caron makes much use of profiles and silhouettes, especially in the first few episodes, as if to beat the viewer over the head with the idea that these characters are not just royals but also people, a theme we are by now quite familiar with.

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It feels as if we are waiting for Colman to become Elizabeth somehow, to give the speech or wield the look that will reveal her in her true, divine, queenly form. But in a bit of delayed gratification that is both maddening and brilliant, it never quite happens.

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Foy dazzled; Colman trembles. Her performance is characterized by repressed, powerful resentment against her role—a quivering frustration held just beneath the surface, somewhere beneath that helmet of sculpted hair. It seems to stop her voice and still her empathy. The moments in the season where she is the most compelling, as a character, are the moments in which she does the opposite—when she briefly, quietly, expresses doubt or inadequacy, when she longs for a more normal life. The viewer might see a cold mother, a jealous sister, a hopelessly conservative leader.


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The new cast is impressive, but The Crown has lost a bit of its verve. Frankly, a season of The Crown without a royal wedding is hardly a season at all.


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