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When any one of you awakes up from sleep and performs ablution, he must clean his nose three times, for the devil spends the night in the interior of his nose. Jabir b. When anyone wipes himself with pebbles after answering the call of nature he should do this odd number of times. Salim, the freed slave of Shaddad, said:. Abi Waqqas died.

Abu Bakr also came there and he performed ablution in her presence. Salim, the freed slave of Mahri, reported:.

I and 'Abd al-Rahman b. Abu Bakr went out in order to join the funeral procession of Sa'd b. Salim, the freed slave of Shaddad b. I was in the presence of 'A'isha, and then narrated on her authority a hadith like this from the Prophet way peace be upon him. Make your ablution thorough. In the hadith transmitted by Shu'ba these words are not there:. Amr reported:.

We travelled back and be took him; and then came the time of the afternoon prayer, and as we were going to wipe our feet he the Holy Prophet called out: Woe to the heels because of Hell-fire. Chapter: The obligation of completely washing all the parts to be washed when purifying oneself. Jabir reported:. Khattab said that a person performed ablution and left a small part equal to the space of a nail unwashed.

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He then went back performed ablution well and offered the prayer. The Messenger of Allah way peace be upon him said: He who performed ablution well, his sins would come out from his body, even coming out from under his nails. Nu'aim b. I saw Abu Huraira perform ablution. He washed his face and washed it well. He then washed his right hand including a portion of his arm. He then washed his left hand including a portion of his arm.

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He then wiped his head. He who can afford among you, let him increase the brightness of his forehead and that of hands and legs. He saw Abu Huraira perform ablution. He washed his face and washed his hands up to the arms.

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Verily I shall prevent the faithless people therefrom just as a man prevents the camels of the people from his fountain. They said: Messenger of Allah, will you recognise us on that day? He said: Yes, you will have distinctive marks which nobody among the peoples except you will have; you would come to me with blazing forehead and bright hands and feet on account of the traces of ablution.

My people would come to me on the Cistern and I would drive away persons from it just as a person drives away other people's camels from his camels. They the hearers said: Apostle of Allah, would you recognize us? He replied: Yea, you would have a mark which other people will not have. You would come to me with a white blaze on your foreheads and white marks on your feet because of the traces of ablution.

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A group among you would be prevented from coming to me, and they would not meet me, and I would say: O my Lord, they are my companions. Upon this an angel would reply to me saying: Do you know what these people did after you. Hudhaifa reported:. By Him in Whose Hand is my life, I will drive away persons from it just as a person drives away unknown camels from his cistern. They the companions said: Messenger of Allah, would you recognise us? He said: Yes, you would come to me with white faces, and white hands and feet on account of the traces of ablution.

None but you would have this mark. The abode of the believing people and we, if God so wills, are about to join you. I love to see my brothers. He said: You are my companions, and our brothers are those who have, so far, not come into the world. They said: Messenger of Allah, how would you recognise those persons of your Ummah who have not yet been born? He said: Supposing a man had horses with white blazes on foreheads and legs among horses which were all black, tell me, would he not recognise his own horses?

They said: Certainly, O Messenger of Allah. He said: They would come with white faces and arms and legs owing to ablution, and I would arrive at the Cistern before them. Some people would be driven away from my Cistern as the stray camel is driven away. I would call out: Come, come. Then it would be said to me : These people changed themselves after you, and I would say: Be off, be off.

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The Messenger of Allah may peace The upon him went out to the graveyard and said: Peace be upon you, the abode of the believing people. Ja'far except the words of Malik: Then some persons would be driven away from my Cistern. Abu Hazim reported:. I was standing behind Abu Huraira and he was performing the ablution for prayer. He extended the washing of his hand that it went up to his armpit. I said to him: O Abu Huraira, what is this ablution? In a believer adornment would reach the places where ablution reaches.

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They the hearers said: Yes, Messenger of Allah. He said: Performing the ablution thoroughly despite odds, tranverside of more paces towards the mosque, and waiting for the next prayer after observing a prayer, and that is mindfulness. This is the "Ribat" for you, this is the "Ribat" for you. Miqdam b. Shuraih narrated it from his father who said:. Abu Musa reported:. Huddaifa reported:. This hadith is reported from Hudaifa by another chain of transmitters.

Whenever he the Holy Prophet got up in the night, they the transmitters have not mentioned the words:. Whenever he the Holy Prophet got up for prayer during the night, he cleansed his mouth with the tooth-stick. He went out and looked towards the sky and then recited this verse th of AI-i-'Imran:. He than lay down on the bed. Five are the acts quite akin to the Fitra, or five are the acts of Fitra: circumcision, shaving the pubes, cutting the nails, plucking the hair under the armpits and clipping the moustache. Five are the acts of fitra: circumcision, removing the pubes, clipping the moustache, cutting the nails, plucking the hair under the armpits.

Anas reported:. A time limit has been prescribed for us for clipping the moustache, cutting the nails, plucking hair under the armpits, shaving the pubes, that it should not be neglected far more than forty nights.

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Ibn Umar said:. The Messenger of Allah may peace be opon him said: Act against the polytheists, trim closely the moustache and grow beard. The narrator said: I have forgotten the tenth, but it may have been rinsing the mouth.

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This hadith has been narrated by Mus'ab b. Shaiba with the same chain of transmitters except for these words:. Salman reported that it was said to him:. He replied: Yes, he has forbidden us to face the Qibla at the time of excretion or urination, or cleansing with right hand or with less than three pebbles, or with dung or bone. Salman said that one among the polytheists remarked:.

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I see that your friend even teaches you about the excrement. He replied; Yes, he has in fact forbidden us that anyone amongst us should cleanse himself with his right hand, or face the Qibla. He has forbidden the use of dung or bone for it, and he has also instructed us not to use less than three pebbles for this purpose. Abu Ayyub reported:.