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The beach guide lists the location and facilities available at more than private and public beaches, sorted by town. Likewise, the marina guide lists the services, supplies and facilities at the marinas, along with maximum vessel size and water depth. In addition to beaches and marinas, other recreation features displayed on the map include: visitor centers, campgrounds, boat launches, interpretive trails, lighthouses, wildlife viewing areas, diving areas and golf courses.

Hikers and bikers will find trails clearly marked, color-coded according their designated use, including the Cape Cod Rail Trail. A trail guide describes some of the more popular trails along with their distances and designated use. For boaters additional essential information is displayed on the map, such as landings, soundings, tidal flats, navigation buoys and beacons. Moreover, a guide to reading buoys and other navigation safety tips are listed.

QR codes will allow you to conveniently connect to the U. Coast Guard Navigation Center as well as to check current weather conditions. The map also serves as a detailed road map, not only of the Mid-Cape Highway and scenic Old King's Highway but for local roads in all sections of the Cape as well. Every Trails Illustrated map is printed on "Backcountry Tough" waterproof, tear-resistant paper.

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An Illustrated Guide to the Common Birds of Cape Cod

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Cape Cod: Illustrated Edition of the American Classic

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Beyond Boston to Cape Cod -

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Cape Cod Illustrated

Michael P Gendron [EVa. Rustad [fso. Antonio Curet [g6n. Wells [GeI. Roussin [GF5. Book 3 By Michelle Woods [gQ6. He then attended Harvard University , beginning in and graduating in the class of ; he studied French and roomed with poet Frank O'Hara. He frequently stated that his formal art training was "negligible"; Gorey studied art for one semester at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in From to , he lived in Manhattan and worked for the Art Department of Doubleday Anchor, illustrating book covers and in some cases, adding illustrations to the text.

He illustrated works as diverse as Bram Stoker 's Dracula , H. Wells ' The War of the Worlds and T.


In later years he produced cover illustrations and interior artwork for many children's books by John Bellairs , as well as books begun by Bellairs and continued by Brad Strickland after Bellairs' death. His first independent work, The Unstrung Harp , was published in He also published under various pen names, some of which were anagrams of his first and last names, such as Ogdred Weary, Dogear Wryde, Ms.

Regera Dowdy, and dozens more. Gorey, presenting exhibitions of his work in the store's gallery and eventually turning him into an international celebrity. Gorey's illustrated and sometimes wordless books, with their vaguely ominous air and ostensibly Victorian and Edwardian settings, have long had a cult following.

In , Gorey became particularly well known for his animated introduction to the PBS series Mystery! In the introduction of each Mystery! Because of the settings and style of Gorey's work, many people have assumed he was British; in fact, he only left the U. Based on Thomas Moore's poem The Lake of the Dismal Swamp , the opera was staged after Gorey's death and directed by his friend, neighbor, and longtime collaborator Carol Verburg, with a puppet stage made by his friends and neighbors, the noted set designers Herbert Senn and Helen Pond.

In the early s, Gorey wrote an unproduced screenplay for a silent film , The Black Doll.

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After Gorey's death, one of his executors, Andreas Brown, turned up a large cache of unpublished work complete and incomplete. Brown described the find as "ample material for many future books and for plays based on his work". Although Gorey's books were popular with children, he did not associate with children much and had no particular fondness for them.

Gorey never married, professed to have little interest in romance, and never discussed any specific romantic relationships in interviews. In the book The Strange Case of Edward Gorey , published after Gorey's death, his friend Alexander Theroux reported that when Gorey was pressed on the matter of his sexual orientation , he said that even he was not sure whether he was gay or straight. When asked what his sexual orientation was in an interview, he said,. I'm neither one thing nor the other particularly. I am fortunate in that I am apparently reasonably undersexed or something I've never said that I was gay and I've never said that I wasn't Well, I'm neither one thing nor the other particularly.

I suppose I'm gay. But I don't identify with it much.

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Edward Gorey agreed in an interview that the "sexlessness" of his works was a product of his asexuality. As of , the film has been screened as a work-in-progress; the finished film and accompanying book are in post-production. He was interviewed on Tribute to Edward Gorey, an hour-long community, public-access television cable show produced by artist and friend Joyce Kenney. He contributed his videos and personal thoughts.

Gorey served as a judge at Yarmouth art shows and enjoyed activities at the local cable station, studying computer art and serving as cameraman on many Yarmouth shows. The house is now the Edward Gorey House Museum.