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After the plan was put in action, he found Phoenix in part Or was it 6? I don't remember. Then, he takes his nunchucks and throws them one by one, each time they hit Toby, the nunchucks come back. He attaches the fish gun to the lightning ball and fires lightning.

The Dora vuong he attacked was a copy. Dora vuong had his invisible cloak on. And he shoots his over charged gun to Toby.

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It really isn't. It's a first civilization artifact and a piece of assassin's history but, I can see the confusion. Rookies always mistake first civilization artifacts for holy objects. The only person more annoying then you is Bill chiper, and trust me that bitch was annoying as hell!

At this point, your becoming the most annoying person I know. So, congratulations! You win a medal! I hope you enjoyed that classic move!

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Ok, can you talk me out of this mess I got myself into? I really don't want to mess with another bill chiper. You can hear Rose's maniacal giggles all across the world. Where ever she goes, portals would open up, and all of the corpses of the worlds she destroyed and those who she killed would start raining from the sky. It causes mass terror. The drones sent into the portals were jump scared by a demented version of Rose and destroyed.

One day later, the GA's tongue suddenly fell off. Rose is getting less stable day by day The sword emitted a rainbow light, then once he slashed with the sword, a powerful beam of light hit Toby. He was a dumb person, just because of the sword, he committed suicide by jumping off a cliff.

I finally found a person I have chosen, that is why you did not feel any urge not to give the sword. Yes, I am the sword, Night's edge, to be exact. Sadly, Terrablade, my brother, has been destroyed, so I will be too. So I need someone to protect me and yourself too, I know you can do it. I need to win against raze.

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If I don't, then a valuable piece of assassins history will be lost forever. Now, listen to me. Raze shouldn't be your focus.

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Erza should be. And you see… he has it right now. But it looks different than before… like, it has an outline of a colorful sword. Well, that weapon is way to dangerous. You should get rid of it. Like I said before, it can make you commit suicide. Well, does it work for half demons to auzie? I could always use a extra in case I lose the sword of Eden. Suddenly, the sword turns into a person, purple hair and black skin, purple clothes and red eyes. I don't know how your alive, but I do know, your gonna pay for what you did to James in if you push the wrong buttons.

Nights edge: ha! He was stupid to die just because of me! I am not even that valuable, and he committed suicide. Yeah, after the accident of him falling on his head, his brain was mushed together, making him not think straight. Well, I could always spy on them, ya know? Help out other teams? I'm sure there's not a rule against that. Give me a new scar.

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Oh shit this thread has gone into chaos. I think I'll come back when the thread regains its sanity. Bella's Sword wrote: Unstable Rose, despite not being very sane, still worries about London. Are you ok? Time unfreezes, Rose heals London, and Bella find Rose. Bella casts a spell so London and Rose regains most of their sanity, and leaves this rp. Now just wait until she knows people have been writing fanfiction about her after she died. Just a side note Rose's sister was actually the person that built the arena. Yes, she had a sister, but she abandoned Rose alongside with Rose's parents, and she is long dead by now too.

But technically, Rose owns the arena now. Yeah, I lost. Now, their trying get their money that i promised And don't have so Nigel:well, you were wrong. Now, I can finally end one of the last assassin's in your pathetic little brother hood. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Follow 0 Kudos.

Download adobe extendscript toolkit cs5 tutorial

Loading editor. Quote More History. Save changes Preview Cancel. Edited by dividedbyzero , December 3, Reminder time!!!!!! Name: Phoenix Powers: fire powers, can shape shift into a Phoenix, can run at miles per second, fire pulse, teleportation. Personality: leader, strong, fast, smart, resourceful, inventor Outfit: a white assassin's uniform with a hood and a cowboy hat.

Other tools: hook blade, rope launcher. Other items: phone, mp3 player. I place the blade on a nearby wall and pull out the sword of Eden, then, I point the sword at the weapon Ok. Let's get rid of this. I shoot a beam of golden energy at the weapon, destroy it. The night edge disappeared! Reminder time Dora vuong Kung fu skills and smart Weapons nunchucks. Edited by Dragon , December 3, Give that back! I really don't want to kill another angel in my life!

Vuong, run to the arena as fast as you can! Dora vuong drops into the battleground Youch! I am here. He gets up and is ready. I forgot to include a reminder on wolf oof Name: Ethan Code name: wolf Powers: can shape shift into a wolf, telekinesis Back story: he was abandoned as a child in the streets of London at the age of 7.

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Personality: kind, caring, not much of a fighter, but would defend himself when necessary. Other items: acoustic guitar. Edited by Itzphoen1xcraft , December 3, Dora vuong is dodging, he is super fast,. Dora vuong remembers that he has some ranged attacks.

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He pulls out the air cannon, and fires Dokan! To Dora vuong. Dora vuong uses bamboo copter, he flies up with out steering. Then he takes a purse out and grabs a three times air cannon. He shoots it at toby.